Saturday, September 6, 2008

sweet memories

A sweet sixteen isn't my idea of going out...however, it was a fun party for the kids... near wedding like in its completion. Food was great, the little kids had a lot of fun, and lisa marie the sweet sixteener is such a great young lady! I had to capture my wife in sepia, because I thought she looked as lovely as ever... and I'll add a pic of the party girl with my little party girl.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

BLEGS....bleggin it!!

I am coining this phrase: "blegs" or "bleggin it". These youths with their tight pants hanging down pass their appears as if their back flows right to the leg, without the interruption of the cheeks we sit upon. Hence the combination word back+legs=blegs, kinda like calves+ankles=cankles? It's not as mean as the later, and its not ment to be mean, just to describe such a strange fashion expression. I watch as the pants are constantly being pulled up, only to slide back down...this could prove injurious if one was running and the pants slipped to trip up the stride!

Blegs! I always make the statement when I see the youth group kids blegging it. Ha!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

sleeping beauty..

I'm amazed at the hand of GOD and his creative talent... I figure I coulda wrote a story about a beautiful sleeping princess had I not heard the first one. I think I capture the beauty wifey has on the inside too...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

snow tubing with the teens!!

I like to call these adolescents, my young people. However, they aren't actually mine, they are in my care on friday nights for a couple of hours of figuring out life as its meant to be lived. Here, we are experiencing gravity mixed with a lack of friction due to freezing point temperatures affect on the precipitation cycle. Oh, I mean snow tubing and fun to be had as brothers and sisters + my actual son got in on the fun.

I'd say this part of my life is very special to me as are the youth that I get to know during the weirdest years of their lives. Brain chemically speaking.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

To the top..

Harriman state park mountain top. Riding a bike down is gravity fun. Pastor Sam is there in the back and he looks to have a cornroll hairdo...others present are Jesse, Ben, and big frank..

red trooper

a red trooper seemingly on r&r in the midst of the alien likes of the planet he is stationed on. This particular red trooper must be a commander of some sort..

Leia captured

Leia seemed unaffected by her lack of possible escape...